Ross Controls compressed air valves

We provide high-quality Ross Controls compressed air valves. Ross Controls (USA) is the world’s oldest manufacturer of compressed air valves, as their factory was founded as early as 1921. The parent company has assembling factories on all continents. The Ross products exported to Finland are made by the German Ross Europa GMBH.

Ross manufactures compressed air valves and systems for extremely demanding sites, such as the steel industry and the glass and automobile industries (welding robots).

Examples of their special expertise include the Serpar double valves (registered trademark for pressing) and the pipe-installed poppet valves up to pipe size 2½ (the paper and wood processing industries). The Ross Safety valves have also received international praise.

The hallmark features of Ross products are an exceptionally long lifecycle and the fact that they are maintenance-free (the valves do not require oil lubrication). The valves have a factory warranty of up to six years. We also deliver our customers customized Ross Flex holistic solutions.

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